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    Specification: Voltage: 220V | EU Plug. Lamps 2x 325 Watt ,650w. Philips Lamp. Light Wavelength: Uvc 253.7nm, Lamp Lifetime: 12,000 Hours, Radiation Area: 15-60 Square Meter, Led Touch Controll, Screem Control System.Size:180 Cm Hight | 40 Kg. Gross Weight: 75 Kg. Volume: 0.75 Cbm. Size (1 Packages): 200*60*60 Cm. 12: Hs Code: 8543709990

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    Disinfection of Spaces and Surfaces

    With our innovative BIOVAC UVC solution you can disinfect 99% of a room. (*)

    How Does BIOVAC UVC® Work?

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    Type C Ultraviolet Radiation

    The working principle is to break the DNA molecules of the pathogenic element (bacteria, virus...) in such a way that their reproduction is impossible due to the corrupted chain of genetic tranmission. 
    The key to these systems is their proper application, by irradiation necesary in each case, both in the radiation dose, and time applied. That is why each facility should be subject to detailed study specifically. You can not give guarantees disinfection of premises, without making detailed preliminary study, as there are many variants involved in it (air movement, temperature, surface type...) 
    Luminalia DOES NOT SELL any of its products BEFORE DOING SOLUTIONS ADAPTION STUDY and, IN ANY CASE, guaranteeing its RESULTS, providing laboratory tests and tests "in situ" (measurement and radiation tests). 

    ¿Dónde utilizar BIOVAC UVC®?

    Disinfection in Hospitals

    Biovac UVC is used for cleaning rooms and operating rooms in hospitals.

    Disinfection in Hotels

    Biovac UVC is very useful in cleaning hotel rooms. In a very short period of time, it manages to disinfect all surfaces in a  room that can be reached by hand.

    Disinfection in Nursing Homes

    Biovac UVC has been used successfully in surface disinfection of canteens and offices in nursing homes.

    How do we guarantee the correct dose with BIOVAC UVC®?

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    Radiation Dosing Cards

    Luminalia, when delivering the surface disinfection equipment to customers, also gives them a trasining session on its use, so that they know at all times the correct way to work with the devices and do not pose any risk to the health of people.

    To ensure that disinfection is being carried out in an ideal way, and that it can be demonstrated-for example to clients in hotel rooms-, a Dosage Card is places in the space to be disinfected, which reacts to the dose received from radiation 

    So, at all times we can prove the disinfection of the premises, as the card will change colour depending on the dose and location of card.

    Luminalis's UVC Dosing Card is calibrated and accredited by our laboratories.

    The card or cards must be placed in one of the places turthest from where the BIOVAC is going to be placed, in this way we guarantee that in the worst case (places that are more remote or difficult to access) the necessary radiation is being obtained.

    The card can be given as a test to the future user of the room or disinfected premises.


    Why are LUMINALIA UVC products safe?

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    Luminalia leads research in Spain on the inactivation SARS-CoV-2 by ultraviolet radiation

    Read about the studies that Luminalia is carrying out together with the Complutense University of Madrid and the Animal Health Center. Our research project was approved by the Center for Technological and Industrial Development (CDTI) under the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities.

    Our products are safe beacuase they are covered by many hours of work and study by qualified professionals.

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