Luminalia BIOAIR UVC 220

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Luminalia BIOAIR for air disinfection. Specially designed for the inactivation of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) in suspended air. Suitable for rooms of up to 100 m / 2 with ceilings of up to 3m.

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Air Disinfection in Enclosed Spaces

Our solution for disinfection of Air in Spaces, is specially designed to deactivate SARS-CoV-2.

How Does BIOAIR UVC® Work?

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Direct UVC Radiation from Air 

The air inside our BIOVAC UVC goes through some chambers covered with aluminium which has a special reflectance degree, where UVC radiation is projected to the extent necessary to break the RNA chain of the virus in a way that it remains totally inactive and cannot be reproduced since it does not have the complete genetic sequence.

In disinfection by air radiaction, in this case by forced ventilation, it is very important to determine the need prior to the installation of the devices, since depending on the capacity of the premises and its size, you will have some needs or others for treatment of the air.

Likewise, it may be necessary to consider the installation of systems not only for disinfection, but also for air renewal.

Enchufar y a funcionar 

BIOAIR UVC destaca por ser un sistema autónomo, nuestra máquina lleva incorporado un sensor de CO2, que se activa y desactiva con la presencia de personas en la sala.

Un único LUMIVISION puede controlar varios BIOAIR UVC, para salas de gran tamaño, dado que los niveles de CO2 se reparten homogéneamente en toda la sala.

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What is BIOAIR UVC® effective for?

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COVID-19 transmission by air

It has already been absolutely demonstrated that the form of greatest transmission of COVID-19 is through the air, by aerosols, produced essentially by human respiration.

There are conclusive studies that in crowded places the transmission rates skyrocket, and that transmission is essentially through the air, inhaling the pathogen exhaled by carriers in the same place.

BIOAIR UVC®, is specially designed to treat the air in rooms where people are present, in such a way that once the polluted air passes through the radiation chambers, any pathogens, especially SARS-CoV-2, are automatically inactivated.
Our studies allow us to give the necessary dose of radiation at all times, so that is a guarantee of air disinfection.

BIOAIR UVC® must be professionally installed and used in accordance with the operating instructions.
BIOAIR UVC® can be used safely while people are in the room, UVC radiation is encapsulated inside the device. Does not produce OZONO.


Disinfection offices and meeting rooms

BIOAIR UVC® is useful to completely disinfect the air in Offices that do not have a centralized AC or ventilation system where another installation can be done by  AIRCROSS UVC®..

Disinfection Bars and Restaurants

BIOAIR UVC® is used in HORECA for air disinfection in bars, restaurants and bathrooms in these same place. Can also be used in
AIRCROSS UVC®. in the event that the premises have a centralized AC installation or sufficiently dimensioned extraction.

Bathrooms or toilets for public use in general

BIOAIR UVC® is also used in public bathrooms in general, both in bars, restaurants, campsites or public facilities. In any case, it is necessary to size the installation to ensure its operation.

Why are LUMINALIA UVC products safe?

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Luminalia leads research in Spain on the inactivation SARS-CoV-2 by ultraviolet radiation

Read about the studies that Luminalia is carrying out together with the Complutense University of Madrid and the Animal Health Center. Our research project was approved by the Center for Technological and Industrial Development (CDTI) under the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities.

Our products are safe beacuase they are covered by many hours of work and study by qualified professionals.

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