Nuestra tecnología de desinfección de espacios y superficies contribuye de forma activa a la lucha contra la COVID-19

UVC Disinfection

Cleaning and disinfection of facilities by ultraviolet-C rays technology, namely, those whose wavelength goes from 200nm to 280nm, is very well known and is widely developed and accepted in working environments which are susceptible to bacterial, viral or other types of contamination.

Our objective is to remove all pathogenic elements (bacteria, viruses, fungi) from ADN molecules in order to prevent their reproduction as a consequence of having a corrupted genetic transmission chain.

The key of these systems is a proper implementation and application through irradiation, which would vary in each case, taking into account the radiation dose and the applied period of time. For that reaseon, every installation must be the object of a detailed and specific study. An adequate disinfection cannot be guaranteed if a detailed study is not previously considered and executed, since there are lots of variants that intervene in it (air movement, temperature, types of areas...)

Luminalia DOES NOT SELL any of its products before doing SOLUTIONS ADAPTION STUDY and, IN ANY CASE, guaranteed, its results providing laboratory tests and tests in situ (measurement and radiation tests). 

Furthermore, we have an autonomous control of the proper functioning of facilities at all times providing a sufficient and appropriate maintenance and certificates for our clients.



Area and environmental disinfection cart for. Ideal for residential homes, hotels and hospitals. UNE 0068. CE Certificate



Luminalia BIOAIR for air disinfection. It is especially designed for SARS-CoV-2(COVID-19) inactivation in air suspensions. Appropiate for capacities up to 100 m/2 with ceilings up to 3m. UNE 0068. CE Marking



Aircross UVC is the kit solution for air AC ducts disinfection. UNE 0068. CE Marking

Lumivisión UVC®

Dispositivo de medición en tiempo real de Co2 y otros parámetros ambientales. Avisador en caso de concentración de Co2. Conexión a portal WEB. Certificación CE. UNE 0068


LumiStick UVC®

Dosímetro de  radiación UVC tipo C para acredtiar la eliminación de virus y bacterias en superficies. Varios niveles de índice en función de donde se utiliza. Marcado CE


2020 UVC Catalogue

Download hereour  catalogue about disinfection by ultraviolet light.

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Brochure BIOVAC®

Descargue aquí el brochure de nuestra máquina de desinfección de superficies, especialmente concebida para unsa desinfección completa y rápida.

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Brochure BIOAIR®

Descargue aquí el brochure de nuestra máquina de desinfección de aire, basada en nuestra patente AITHER®, que consiste en una cámara de resonancia lumínica que aumenta x10 la radiación emitida por la fuente de luz, logrando desinfectar el 99,99% del aire tratado.

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